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This area includes many pieces of audio and video produced by the group and others that promote their activities.

MLG Presents "Live at the Jac"

Episode 001 - The Pilot Episode
Recorded 7th July, 2007. The first "LIVE AT THE JAC" podcast sees the MLG give their opinions on "Utopia", "The Sound of Drums", "The Last of the Timelords", Donna Noble's return, Torchwood and a debate on the merits or otherwise of 'catchphrase comedy.' All in all an average afternoon's conversation for the Liverpool based fans, condensed down into an hour long podcast. Running Time: 1:00:12
Episode 002 - An Unearthly Podcast
Recorded 4th August, 2007. "LIVE AT THE JAC" returns with a bumper MLG membership discussing "Who should be Who?", the Harry Potter phenomenon and the lastest entries in that canon, and developments and debate about mainstream comics. Take one part fan opinion, one part copious amounts of alcohol, mix with outspoken ideas and simmer for 55 minutes. MLG cooked and ready to deliver. Running Time: 0:54:06
Episode 003 - The Podcast that shall be referred to as 'Serial B'
Recorded 1st September, 2007. The MLG members discuss the following subjects in a completely random manner with no thought as to their personal safety: - The Blackpool Illuminations, An American Comic Convention, Dalek Empire 4, Dr Who bargains at Argos, The passing of Anthony H. Wilson, Sarah Jane Smith - A celebration, How old are we all anyway?, Sean Connery's variable foreign accents, David Essex vs Antonio Banderas, Daleks, Kids loving the old series as well as the new, Trap Door, Davros, BBCi Animations, Dark Shadows, Abslom Daak. Running Time: 0:55:25
Episode 004 - The Podcast of Destruction
Recorded 6th October, 2007. Podcasters old and new convene in a darkened basement to discuss the issues of the day. Return of the Sontarans, The 2009 Hiatus, Robin Hood, This Way Up, Goodbye OG, Sarah Jane Smith and the return of the Slitheen, The Orb, Japanese Culture, John Peel and BBC4 - The greatest channel ever! Running Time: 0:46:27
Episode 005 - To Verity, With Love
Recorded 3rd November, 2007. A special anniversary episode as the group reminisces about Doctor Who and discusses what fandom means to them. Respectfully dedicated to the memory of Verity Lambert. Running Time: 0:37:18
Episode 006 - The MLG "Review of the Year"
Recorded 1st December, 2007. "Daleks roasting on an open fire, Davros nipping on your nose!" It can only be the Merseyside Local Group and their festive look back at the last twelve months in Doctor Who and a look forward to the New Year in a style that has been described, mostly by themselves, as unique! Running Time: 0:55:56
MLG previews the new series on BBC Radio 5 Live
Group coordinator Paul Griggs discusses the new run of Doctor Who episodes beginning that evening. Transmitted 8.55am, 30th March 2013
MLG previews new exhibition at Spaceport on BBC Radio Merseyside
Group coordinator Paul Griggs joins the staff at Spaceport in Seacombe and the Hyde Fundraisers to chat about the appeal of Doctor Who and the new Time Travellers exhibition opening that weekend. Transmitted 8.30am, 3rd May, 2013
PARTYCON 21 on BBC Radio Merseyside
A short feature from 1984 about the first ever Merseyside Local Group convention with contributions from attendees and guests Mary Tamm and John Leeson.
MLG discusses potential Doctor Who movie on BBC Radio Manchester
MLG discusses potential Doctor Who movie on BBC Radio Manchester Group member Mike Bell discusses the rumoured Doctor Who movie project with the BBC Manchester news team. Transmitted 5.50pm 15th November 2011
DR WHO AND THE DALEKS on BBC Radio Merseyside
MLG member Paul Griggs promotes the forthcoming Dr. Who and the Daleks II event on the BBC Radio Merseyside breakfast show, hosted by Tony Snell. Transmitted 10.10am 6th September 2004
DR WHO AND THE DALEKS on BBC Radio Merseyside 2
MLG member Paul Griggs talks about fandom to promote the regular MLG meetings and the forthcoming MLG convention. Transmitted 6.45pm 15th September, 2004
Group coordinator Paul Griggs chats with mid-morning host Sean Styles in preparation for the arrival of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. Transmitted 11:30am 2nd April, 2010
MERSEYSIDE LOCAL GROUP on BBC Radio Lancashire / BBC Radio Manchester
A discussion of Doctor Who old and new with late night presenter John Barnes in preparation for the debut of Season Six. Transmitted 11.20pm 12th April, 2011
MLG pays tribute to Elisabeth Sladen on BBC Radio Merseyside
MLG Group Coordinator Paul Griggs pays tribute to Elisabeth Sladen following the news of her death with Sean Styles. Transmitted 10.30am 20th April 2011
MERSEYSIDE LOCAL GROUP on BBC Radio Lancashire / BBC Radio Manchester 2  

A return engagement with late night presenter John Barnes discussing A Good Man Goes To War and the mid-season break. Transmitted 11.10pm 6th June, 2011


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